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Menu for Aug 1st - Aug 31st

Order's Due By Thursday prior to the week of meals by 8 pm.
"Please allow our team to prepare your meals."

Lunch Options:

• Crab Louie Salad topped with red onion, tomato, cucumber spears, hard boil egg, with delicious fresh flakey crab!!!
• Chicken and Spinach salad with almond slices, cranberries, feta cheese, and a mouth watering pomegranate vinaigrette.
• Fiesta Chicken Bowl topped with black beans, fresh pico de gallo, savory avocado, with a salsa verde dressing.
• Sylvia's Chicken Salad Wrap-OMG To die for! Its like going back to moms lunch with a healthy twist! A blend of cashews, red onion, lite mayo, celery, homemade dill relish and a secret seasoning!
• Roasted Turkey Wrap with chunks of turkey bacon, tossed in romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, topped with a light red wine vinaigrette!

Dinner Options:

• Dill Salmon (Or sub for grilled chicken) served with snap peas, and wild brown rice.
• Lime Peppered Ground Chicken Stuffed in Large Bell Peppers, served with a cilantro brown rice.
• Mark's Cabbage Wrapped Ground Turkey Enchilada's served with black beans, glazed over with a traditionally flavored sauce.
• BBQ Teriyaki Chicken, with a lite and savory homemade Teriyaki glaze. Served with asparagus and quinoa.
• OUR WET BURRITO-NO its not cheat day! This fits in to the plan we promise!! Chopped Grilled Chicken, cilantro-lime brown rice, served with a spice cabbage and red beans.

Our Menu Change the middle of every month! Keeping checking in to see what coming! And please email us with any suggestions @ chefanellis.catering@gmail.com

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